The right selection for your application

The right desiccant for the right application

21 March 2022

Adsorption dryers can only be energy efficient if they contain premium desiccant material. The desiccant used in Pneumatech adsorption dryers is carefully selected from a wide range of European and North-American suppliers, based on following key selection criteria:

Different desiccants have different levels of water attraction. The greater the attraction, the lower pressure dew point is possible. However, the greater the level of water attraction of the desiccant, the more purge is required to regenerate it. Therefore we use molecular sieves at the top of the vessels in our -70°C/-94°F variants, while using silica gel (heat regenerated) or activated alumina (heatless) in our -40°C/-40°F variants. Molecular sieves have the tendency to adsorb moisture at low relative humidity and have thus the best performance at the low PDPs.

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Anti-aging effect

Some desiccants show fantastic static performance, but have a bad dynamic performance; meaning that they degrade after a couple of months because of pressure, temperature or air humidity variations. Pneumatech adsorption dryers are not only equipped with the most durable desiccant material in the market, they are also overfilled to cope with this aging affect or with temporary overloads.

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4NWR: non water resistant 5WR: water resistant

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