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Adsorption / Desiccant Dryers

Adsorption or desiccant dryers remove moisture from air or gas streams by passing them through a porous material called a desiccant, ensuring dry and moisture-free conditions.

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Adsorption dryers use a desiccant, which is sometimes also referred to as a hygroscopic material, to adsorb moisture. When compressed air flows over this desiccant, it is dried by giving off its moisture. Then, when the hygroscopic material is saturated, it has to “regenerate,” which means the moisture is removed and drained away until the desiccant is functional again.

To ensure that the dryer functions continuously, a normal adsorption dryer consists of two towers containing desiccant. While one is drying the air, the other regenerates.

Pneumatech not only offers regular adsorption dryers but also revolutionary new models with The Solides structured desiccant, which offers many benefits in terms of efficiency and reliability (to find out more about the benefits of solid desiccant, go here).

Adsorption dryers are used when PDPs (pressure dew points) from -10°C/14°F down to -70°C/-94°F have to be achieved. They are also a great choice for critical applications and applications in ambient temperatures below 5°C/ 41°F.

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