PPOG 1-120 PSA Oxygen Generators

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Guaranteed oxygen purity from 90% up to 95%

Zirconia sensors for reliable purity measurement

Energy saving control

Automatically stops the gas generator when little or no gas is consumed

High-quality, high-efficient zeolite, selected for the right application

Designed & tested for cyclic load

Optimal control and monitoring thanks to PurelogicTM Controller

Available with IEC and CSA/UL approvals

Pneumatech gives industrial oxygen to your business. With the PPOG range, Pneumatech PSA Oxygen Gas Generators offer an attractive replacement for traditional oxygen supply with very interesting returns on investment. The PPOG1-120 series uses Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to extract oxygen from compressed air, resulting in oxygen purity levels up to 95%.

The PPOG1-120 range is a welded vessel design, designed and tested for cyclic load. The PurelogicTM is the central brain of the generator. It optimizes operating costs thanks to the availability of the energy saving control; ensures maximum reliability by monitoring the most important parameters of the generator; and offers impressive control and monitoring capabilities.

The calibrated flow meters are part of the standard scope of supply, in order to facilitate the start-up process and to provide transparency of the actual oxygen consumption. The optional oxygen buffer vessel is equipped with a pressure regulator, manometer and dust filter. Each of these components is approved for high-purity oxygen use. The optional inlet pressure dew point sensor provides additional security in case the upstream dryer would fail.