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Untreated compressed air always contains moisture, which can pose a risk to compressed air systems, pneumatic equipment, and end products. Using a process called “selective permeation,” membrane dryers can help remove that moisture to ensure the required air quality standards are met.

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Membrane dryers rely on a process called selective permeation. When wet compressed air enters the dryer’s cylinder, the membrane coating allows water vapor to permeate through the membrane wall and collect between the fibers. At the same time, dry air makes its way inside the fibers in the cylinder at almost the same pressure as the incoming wet air. The permeated water is then vented out of the cylinder.

Membrane dryers have a variety of benefits. They are quiet, easy to operate, have no moving parts, consume little power, and require minimal service. That makes them an excellent choice for many industries, such as food and beverage processing, mold inhibition, pharmaceutical manufacturing and oil and gas exploration. 

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