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Membrane nitrogen generators utilize semi-permeable membranes to separate nitrogen gas from the surrounding air, providing a continuous and on-site source of high-purity nitrogen gas without the need for traditional nitrogen storage or delivery systems.

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Instead of purchasing expensive nitrogen from a third-party vendor, a membrane nitrogen generator lets you produce your own. This not only lowers operating costs but also has many other advantages (for a full list of the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation, go here). As a result, while they require an initial investment, users of these generators will be able to quickly recoup that purchasing price. 

In membrane nitrogen generators, a membrane filled with small, hollow polymer fibers is used to passively separate the nitrogen from compressed air. This process is called permeation and takes place inside of a cylindrical tube. Permeation is made possible because not all of the gases, vapors and contaminants in the compressed air pass through the membrane. Nitrogen, for example, permeates more slowly than oxygen and water vapor, which can therefore easily be filtered out.

Membrane generators cannot achieve the ultra-high nitrogen purity of PSA technology. However, most applications do not require that high level of purity. Ideal membrane technology applications include tire inflation, fire prevention, tank blanketing, and pipeline drying. Among the benefits of membrane generators is that they can handle water vapor in the intake air. In addition, they can be installed in more places due to their small size and lower noise levels. Finally, membrane nitrogen generators are easy to maintain. 

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