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Know more about compressed air dryers

Compressed air is a helpful asset for thousands of different industries, but it can contain moisture and other contaminants that can ruin a final product or damage equipment that is downstream of the compressor. In almost all applications, it is recommended to use either a refrigerated or a desiccant air dryer to benefit both your final product and any equipment that is powered by compressed air.

Pneumatech air dryers protect your systems and processes in a reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective way. Discover our complete range of refrigerant, desiccant, and membrane dryers HERE.

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Pneumatech's applications

India has extreme heat during the summer months with high humidity in the coastal areas reaching up to 85%. Generally speaking, atmospheric air contains more water vapor at high temperatures and less at lower temperatures. This has a significant effect on the water concentration when the air is compressed. Problems and disturbances, such as pipe corrosion and product spoilage can occur due to water precipitation in the pipes and connected equipment. To avoid this, the compressed air must be dried.

Selecting the proper dryer to treat wet compressed air in India depends on the specific requirements and moisture tolerance levels of the machines that utilize compressed air. 

Most industrial and manufacturing facilities can achieve such requirements with a refrigerated air dryer, while Oil & Gas operations, Pharmaceutical Operations, Electronics, Food & Beverage, and certain demanding applications in Printing and Pneumatic Operations require a desiccant dryer to supply critically dry air.

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Reasons to go for a Pneumatech dryer

Selecting the proper dryer to treat wet compressed air in India depends on the specific requirements, regulations, and moisture tolerance levels of the machines. This is because they utilize compressed air based on changing ambient conditions which can influence the performance parameters of the equipment.

Pneumatech is a compressed air treatment specialist thatcan help you choose the right dryer for your application

Pneumatech, your partner for air treatment

Pneumatech is focused on developing more and more energy-efficient products for decades. When designing a new product, our engineers focus on a product’s entire life cycle – from the raw materials used to the manufacturing process, and from the customer’s use of the product, to what can be done with the materials at the end of its life.

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Celebrating 55 years of Pneumatech


Pneumatech is a leading supplier of compressed air dryers spread across refrigeration, membrane, and adsorption technologies, with a presence across the globe. Besides having a global reach in terms of sales and customer service and support, we have a global approach to manufacturing, with manufacturing facilities located worldwide. Click HERE to know more.

Our global operations are now in their 55th year. Through Pneumatech India, we provide our customers with solutions to enhance productivity and achieve their manufacturing goals.

Refrigeration Dryers

Refrigeration dryers are the most commonly used dryers for removing moisture from compressed air. They therefore play an important role in shielding compressed air systems from corrosion and protecting your equipment and end products alike.

Adsorption Dryers

Adsorption or desiccant dryers remove moisture from air or gas streams by passing them through a porous material called a desiccant, ensuring dry and moisture-free conditions.

Membrane Dryers

Using a process called “selective permeation,” membrane dryers can help remove that moisture to ensure the required air quality standards are met.