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Refrigeration dryers are the most commonly used dryers for removing moisture from compressed air. They therefore play an important role in shielding compressed air systems from corrosion and protecting your equipment and end products alike.

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Here is how they work: Refrigeration dryers come in air-cooled or water-cooled models. Both are used to cool the warm and wet air that comes from the compressor. Initially, that happens in the air-to-air heat exchanger, and then, in a subsequent stage, in the air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger. As the temperature falls, the moisture in the air condenses and can then be drained from the compressed air.

That air is then reheated to about room temperature in the air-to-air heat exchanger. That lowers the pressure point of the outgoing flow and prevents the formation of condensation on the outside of the piping system. This heat exchange between ingoing and outgoing compressed air therefore also reduces the required cooling capacity of the refrigerant circuit by lowering the temperature of the incoming compressed air.

As the most popular drying technology for compressed air, the applications for refrigeration dryers are nearly endless. 

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