OWS 25-5300 Oil Water Separators

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Next level compressed air condensate treatment

The dual-stage treatment of the new OWS 25-5300 from Pneumatech uses both polypropylene and activated carbon or organoclay, which allows it to separate out stable as well as unstable emulsions. This ingenious process results in much cleaner wastewater that complies with the toughest environmental standards.

Better, quicker, cleaner separation of oil and water emulsions

Depending on your requirement, you have a choice of two cartridges: activated carbon and organoclay. Activated carbon filters remove whatever oil remains in the condensate after the first stage. Organoclay filtration can be used in case of stronger emulsions.

Low maintenance

Condensate treatment has always been a mandatory part of operating compressors. Pneumatech makes it less cumbersome. The filters can be exchanged as required thanks to OWS 25-5300's easy-to-replace cartridges which makes servicing your oil-water separator seamless, quick, and worry-free. A maintenance-friendly design and an exceptionally long service interval of 4,000 hours, minimizes any downtime and keeps your production going.

Genuine innovation in condensate separation

We've changed the game. Till recently, the solutions for stable emulsions were expensive and relatively ineffective. The solutions we offer cover both unstable emulsions such as those containing mineral oil as well as stable emulsions with synthetic oil. What you get is an oil separation solution that outperforms all the rest with less than 10 ppm of oil. The presence of oil can be as low as 5 ppm depending on the set-up.

Worry-free condensate treatment

The OWS 25-5300 offers you a total condensate treatment solution that not only makes your oil-water separation process more effective and easier but also reduces maintenance costs. Most importantly, it will ensure that your wastewater meets even the most stringent purity standards.

Pneumatech offers a patented way to turn oily condensate into harmless water that can be drained away, while capturing the oil to be easily disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The multi-stage separation process, using both buoyant oleophilic filters and activated carbon ensures exceptional performance, lower disposal costs and trouble-free operation.

The OWS range eliminates oil through multi-stage filtration rather than the conventional gravity systems which have limitations on the type of condensate that can be treated. As a result, the OWS separator capacity is not linked to the type of emulsion collected since it can treat the same volume of condensate whether saturated with mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil or polyglycol.

Condensate Management

Condensate is the inevitable by-product of compressing air. In the case of oil-injected air compressors, this condensate can contain both oil and water. Pneumatech condensate management solutions remove water from your air system and separate oil from water to help you dispose of it legally, safely, and environmentally friendly.