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On-site oxygen generators

If you work in a medical field (hyperbaric therapy), aquaculture, and ozone and biogas production, on-site oxygen generators provide high-quality pressurized gas. Rather than purchasing oxygen from third-party vendors, many companies find it beneficial to generate their own supply. Not only will you control the quality of your oxygen, but also eliminate logistics related to deliveries. The savings from producing your own oxygen usually covers the initial investment cost.

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What is a oxygen generator?

Working with compressed air, an oxygen generator separates gasses using zeolite. This material adsorbs and separates nitrogen, leaving just the oxygen. Through this process, oxygen generators generate purity levels up to 95%. In fact, Pneumatech's machines are found in extremely sterile environments, including veterinary clinics and other medical facilities.

The benefits of on-site oxygen generators

Saving time, money, and resources, generating your own oxygen comes with many benefits (compared to third-party deliveries). 

1. Cost efficiency
Producing your own oxygen with the purity you need allows you to significantly reduce gas costs. The cost per unit of O2 is 50-90% lower with Pneumatech's PPOG HE generator, compared to bottled or liquid oxygen.

2. Sustainability
Eliminate transport emissions generated by oxygen deliveries. In addition, Pneumatech's on-site generation solutions are super-efficient, minimizing your energy use and environmental footprint. For example, our PPOG HE generator is 30% more efficient than traditional oxygen generators.

3. A reliable O2 supply
No need to count on external vendors. On-site generation gives you complete control over your oxygen source.

4. No logistics
Say goodbye to monitoring your O2 logistics, working with vendors, and facilitating deliveries.

How does an oxygen generator work?

The most common type of machines delivering oxygen are called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) generators. Typically, comprising two zeolite adsorption cylinders for pressurization, they separate the 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen found in regular air.

Within this system, the drums are used to maintain continual gas production and minimize energy usage. When nitrogen is separated, it's often regenerated for optimal air pressure in each drum. For increased efficiency, our PPOG HE model allows for variable air flow, depending on demand.

To ensure a ready flow of oxygen, there's a storage tank to collect gas for future (peak) demand. All this equipment, including the generator, air compressor, dryer, and piping can be stacked for a minimal footprint. Pneumatech's generators are meant to complement your existing set up.

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What applications require oxygen?

The use of oxygen is required in countless industrial and professional applications. Here are just a few.

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Pneumatech offers much more than top-quality oxygen generators:

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  • We can help with leak detection, flow monitoring and other ways to optimize your oxygen and air generation.

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