Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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On-site oxygen for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an increasingly popular treatment for various injuries and illnesses – from multiple sclerosis to sports injuries. Patients usually spend about an hour in a pressurized chamber where they breathe high-purity oxygen through a mask. This elevates the oxygen content in their bloodstream and speeds up the healing process.

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On-site oxygen generation for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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Oxygen requirements in hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Oxygen plays a crucial role in hyperbaric oxygen applications. They require access to a reliable and uninterrupted supply of oxygen at any time. The oxygen also must have the required purity to supply the masks. 

What are the benefits of on-site oxygen generation?

Many companies still purchase their oxygen – even though generating oxygen on-site offers more advantages.

  • Greater cost-efficiency to save you money
  • Eliminating bottle or liquid deliveries reduces your environmental footprint
  • Take charge of your own oxygen supply
  • Less hassle by removing supply logistics

Take your operation to the next level with the PPOG HE

30% more efficient than traditional oxygen generators, Pneumatech’s PPOG HE produces the right oxygen volume, purity and reliability at a massively reduced cost and a smaller environmental footprint:

  • Lowest oxygen cost
  • Dependable supply of oxygen without expensive oxygen deliveries
  • Eliminates transportation emissions for a greener operation
  • No logistical headaches associated with third-party supplies
  •  Small size saves space in treatment centers
  • Oxygen filters help safeguard oxygen purity
  • Automatic start-up and autonomous operation ensure user-friendliness 
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More than a superior product

But Pneumatech offers more than “just” the best oxygen generator on the market. We also provide the equipment and expertise our customers need to ensure that their oxygen is optimal for their application.  

Expert advice and support

Interested in taking your hyperbaric oxygen treatment center to the next level with Pneumatech? Then get in touch with us now and provide us with some information on the number of your breathing masks, oxygen chambers and the air pressure you want to run them at. Our experts will then help you find the equipment that best meets your needs. If you don’t have that information or need assistance, they are ready to help you through the specification process.