Nitrogen skids

High-Pressure Nitrogen Skids

Our PPNG NE nitrogen skid provides an all-in-one solution. It includes a variable speed drive (VSD) compressor, high-pressure booster, premium PSA nitrogen generator, and storage and treatment. It has everything you need for in-house production, allowing you to eliminate gas purchasing and deliveries. Find out below how a N2 skid works, and its uses and benefits.

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What is a nitrogen skid?

Building on the sustainability and flexibility offered by a nitrogen generator, a skid package compresses air and boosts its pressure, generates N2 with a high purity (up to 99.999%), and stores the gas. There's a 40-bar version for on-demand generation, and a 300-bar model for cylinder storage. In addition, you'll find various sizes and accessories to meet your needs.

The benefits of a nitrogen skid

A nitrogen skid package offers many benefits, discover them here below.

1. Cost efficiency
Built with the latest technology, providing significant savings on energy costs. You enjoy a lower cost per unit of gas.

2. Sustainability
Designed with the highest efficiency equipment, a skid minimizes energy consumption. You also eliminate the transport emissions of gas deliveries.

3. Reliable nitrogen supply
No need to count on external vendors. On-site generation provides complete control over supply.

4.  No logistics
Say goodbye to monitoring your N2 supply, and tracking and handling deliveries.

5. Compact setup
All components are designed in the most compact, pre-commissioned layout.

How does a nitrogen skid work?

A nitrogen skid is completely plug and play. This means all systems are tested to work together for optimal performance and reliability. Rather than adding each component individually, a skid allows you to start producing and storing the gas right away.

There's also advanced monitoring and control with Purelogic. It offers self-protective monitoring of feed air quality. This component also monitors nitrogen flow, purity, and provides pressure management and control. In addition, there's optional 24/7 ICONS remote monitoring.

Our skid solution

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Where is a skid package used?

The PPNG HE skid package is the preferred nitrogen solution for laser cutting. It's also ideal for food and beverage packaging, aircraft tire filling, aerospace manufacturing. In addition, other applications requiring high uptime, purity, flow, and gas quality benefit from a skid.

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Pneumatech nitrogen generation services – more than just hardware

Pneumatech does much more than provide top-quality nitrogen generators:

  • As the air treatment and gas generation specialist, we can meet all your compressed air quality and industrial gas needs.
  • When you provide us with information about your specific nitrogen needs, we can put together the optimal system to meet them.
  • We can help with leak detection, flow monitoring and other ways to make nitrogen and compressed air generation more efficient and save you money.

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