Containerized nitrogen generators: the smart outdoor solution

Containerized nitrogen generators: discover the benefits

The benefits of on-site nitrogen generation versus purchasing nitrogen are clear and convincing. You gain  control over your gas supply at a lower cost and a lower emissions footprint, and with less logistical issues and safety hazards. But what do you do when you simply don’t have the space on your production floor for a nitrogen generation system? A containerized nitrogen generator from Pneumatech might be your ideal solution. 

What is a containerized nitrogen generator?

As the name indicates, a containerized nitrogen generator is an entire nitrogen generation system built into a sturdy shipping container. This allows you to place your nitrogen generation system outside without compromising performance or reliability.

Everything you need to produce your own nitrogen is built into the container. This can include compressors, nitrogen generators, boosters, dryers, filters, receivers, bottle racks, … All components are selected to meet your specific needs. For example, the container below comes with a duty standby compressors for redundancy, heated blower dryers, and membrane nitrogen generators with storage. Everything is fully piped together with AIRnet pipework.

Additional features are included as standard for optimal performance in an outdoor container:

  • Insulated walls keep the unit comfortable in winter and summer.
  • Space heating, fans and ductwork are built in so that the equipment operates in optimal temperatures throughout the year. This in turn ensures the most reliable and energy-efficient operation.
  • Safety features: Oxygen analyzers monitor for unsafe oxygen levels. The container is also equipped with sufficient ventilation in case of too low or too high oxygen levels. The nitrogen exhausts are piped to the outside to prevent an enriched atmosphere.
  • Emergency lighting in case the entire site loses power. 
  • Controls and connectivity, which also allow for remote monitoring. Optional PLC can be included. This gives a complete picture of the generator so that you can locally monitor the complete piping and instrumentation diagram in real time.

A plug-and-play nitrogen generator

Pneumatech’s containerized nitrogen generators are a true a plug-and-play solution. The unit is ready to go upon delivery, with only the power supply in and nitrogen out connections to be completed on-site. The entire nitrogen generator package is fully pre-commissioned and tested by Pneumatech to ensure smooth on-site commissioning.

Performance in the toughest conditions

A Pneumatech containerized nitrogen generator is built to withstand the toughest conditions.  The container’s robust build ensures long durability and lifetime – no matter where it is placed. Its flexible design allows the container to be optimized for demanding conditions, such as extreme cold or heat.

A proven solution

As the expert in air treatment and gas generation, Pneumatech has a long history in designing and building state-of-the-art oxygen and nitrogen generators. Our containerized nitrogen generators come with the same quality guarantee. We design, manufacture and optimize the complete system, giving you the most efficient and reliable plug-and-play package available. In addition, our gas generation experts are always available to answer all your questions. They can guide you through the specification, ordering and commissioning process. 

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