PPNG 6-68 S Nitrogen Generators with Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology

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Guaranteed purity from 95% up to 99.999%

  • Automatically regulates to the requested nitrogen pressure and purity
  • Zirconia sensors for reliable purity measurement
  • Advanced energy saving control

  • Reduced air consumption at low nitrogen demand
  • Also compensates for altering ambient conditions and purity settings
  • No compressed air use when no nitrogen is consumed
  • Outstanding air factors thanks to back-flow pressurization

    High-quality, high-efficient Carbon Molecular Sieves

    Designed and tested for cyclic load

    Optimal control and monitoring thanks to PurelogicTM Controller

  • Self-protective monitoring of the feed air quality
  • Feed-air blow-off in case of contamination
  • Nitrogen flow, purity and pressure measured and controlled
  • Automatic start-up
  • The PPNG 6-68 S series provides a highly efficient source of nitrogen for use in various industries like food and beverage, pharma, electronics and plastics. PPNG nitrogen generators use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to extract nitrogen molecules from the compressed air and can reach purities from 95% up to 99,999%. Nitrogen pressures can go up to 12 bar(g) without the need for an additional booster. The air factors of the PPNG 6-68 S range are outstanding, making the return on investment very attractive compared to traditional gas supply.

    With its PPNG 6-68 S series, Pneumatech follows the plug and play philosophy. Pressure vessels, valves, exhaust system, sensors and controls are all integrated within a compact canopy, designed for easy transport, installation and service.

    The Purelogic™ is the central brain of the nitrogen generator. It optimizes operating costs thanks to the availability of the energy saving control; ensures maximum reliability by keeping track of the most important parameters of the generator; and offers impressive control and monitoring capabilities.

    The optional flow meter and inlet pressure dew point sensor can be added to the scope of supply to further exploit the monitoring capabilities of the Purelogic™ controller.

    PSA Nitrogen Generators

    Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generators allow companies to produce their own nitrogen instead of relying on third-party vendors. This offers wide-ranging benefits, such as lower costs, reduced logistics, and increased flexibility (for more on the many benefits of on-site nitrogen generation, go here). These generators are a very safe nitrogen solution and quickly pay for themselves.