The new PPNG 100-800 HE – premium high-flow on-site nitrogen generation

Pneumatech’s PPNG HE was designed and built especially for applications that require high-flow and high-purity nitrogen. It delivers all the benefits of an on-site generator, up to 99.999% purity thanks to its PSA technology, and the top quality you expect from Pneumatech:

  • Guaranteed nitrogen purity up to 99.999% with automated regulation of nitrogen pressure and purity.
  • Best-in-class efficiency lowers energy costs and emissions.
  • Long machine and CMS lifetime of at least 15 years at full load.
  • Advanced PurelogicTM Controller optimizes performance and ease of use.
  • Outdoor installation lets you save on space inside. 

Optimizing PSA technology

The PPNG HE uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to separate nitrogen from compressed air. Pneumatech engineers have optimized this technology with an innovative PSA cycle and high-efficiency CMS. But there is more. Our Variable Flow Saver algorithm gives you up to 40% additional energy savings at low load. 

Variable flow saver

With its Variable Flow Saver algorithm, the PPNG HE can meet lower demand by adapting the PSA cycle and the feed air intake. The result: you enjoy up to 40% additional energy savings.

Pneumatech nitrogen generation services – more than just hardware

PPNG HE front

Pneumatech does much more than provide top-quality nitrogen generators:

  • As an air treatment and gas generation specialist, we can meet all your compressed air quality and industrial gas needs.
  • When you provide us with information about your specific nitrogen needs, we can put together the optimal system to meet them.
  • We can help with leak detection, flow monitoring and other ways to make nitrogen and compressed air generation more efficient and save you money .

The top solution for many high-flow nitrogen applications

The Pneumatech PPNG HE is the premium solution for applications that require a high nitrogen flow. Here are just a few examples:  

Laser cutting
Laser cutting relies on nitrogen to ensure a clean cut. The PPNG HE (in combination with a high-pressure booster) delivers the power, uptime, flow, and high nitrogen quality these lasers demand. 

Lithium-ion battery production
Nitrogen is used throughout the entire lithium-ion battery manufacturing process, from the prevention of raw material aging to cell production, battery assembly, and testing. The PPNG HE offers a reliable and sustainable supply. 

Modified atmospheric packaging
Food and beverage production facilities that use MAP come to a halt without a reliable supply of quality nitrogen. The PPNG HE is their preferred high-flow solution.

Coffee packaging
Nitrogen safeguards coffee’s flavor and extend its lifetime once packaged. That is why a reliable supply of food-grade nitrogen is crucial for roasteries. The PPNG HE delivers. 

Beer brewing
The PPNG HE is the flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable nitrogen solution that breweries require for their different nitrogen applications. 

Advantages of on-site nitrogen generation

Still purchasing your nitrogen? An on-site generator offers convincing benefits:

  • Cost efficiency: Significantly reduce your cost of gas by producing it yourself with the right purity.
  • Greater sustainability: Eliminate transport emissions by stopping bottle or liquid nitrogen deliveries. Pneumatech’s on-site generation solutions can further reduce your environmental footprint by minimizing your energy consumption.
  • A reliable nitrogen supply: Stop relying on external vendors. On-site generation gives you complete control and a continuous, reliable supply of nitrogen.
  • Organizational relief: With an on-site nitrogen generator, the many logistical challenges of dealing with nitrogen vendors and deliveries are a thing of the past.