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Air treatment for the food & beverage industry

Food and beverages are vital in the truest sense of the word. And just as our body needs them to keep going, their producers need high-quality compressed air. After all, they must ensure that the things we eat and drink are safe to consume and that they taste good. Stringent compressed air standards for food industry apply. Pneumatech offers the right air dryers and filters to ensure food quality.

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The use of compressed air in the food and beverage industry

The applications for compressed air in the food and beverage sector are nearly endless. From powering machines and generating industrial gases to cleaning the food and packaging it. In other words, modern food production would not be possible without compressed air.

Generally, we distinguish between three broad categories:

  • Air that does not come into direct or indirect contact with the F&B products;
  • Air that is used for production processes but does not touch the food;
  • And air that comes into direct contact with it. 

The importance of quality air in the food and beverage sector

Untreated compressed air contains moisture, particles and oil. This contaminated air can wreak havoc on your final products, your production equipment, and your processes. Unsurprisingly, the compressed air that comes into direct contact with food and beverages is subject to stringent quality standards. It must be treated to ensure that none of the three types of contaminants can compromise the safety and taste of the food.

Fortunately, different technologies are available to ensure that the air meets your air quality requirements:

  • Particles: Filters
  • Water/moisture: After coolers, dryers, water separator, drains, filters
  • Oil: Filters & carbon towers or using an oil-free, Class 0 compressor

The compressed air quality standard

ISO 8573-1:2010 is the international standard that categorizes compressed air quality. 

Purity class

Solid particles


Total oil

Number of particles per m3

Pressure dewpoint


0.1 < d ≤ 0.5 μm**

0.5 < d ≤ 1.0 μm**

1.0 < d ≤ 5.0 μm**





As specified by the equipment user or supplier and more stringent than Class 1.


≤ 20000

≤ 400

≤ 10

≤ -70

≤ -94

≤ 0.01


≤ 400000

≤ 6000

≤ 100

≤ -40

≤ -40

≤ 0.1



≤ 90000

≤ 1000

≤ -20

≤ -4

≤ 1




≤ 10000

≤ 3

≤ 37.4

≤ 5




≤  100000

≤ 7

≤ 44.6



≤ 5 mg/m3

≤ 10

≤ 50


Compressed air standards for food industry

Four major organizations have specifically identified the need for compressed air monitoring – ISO (International Organization for Standardization), BCAS (British Compressed Air Society), BRC (British Retail Consortium), and SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute).

The BCAS Food and Beverage Grade Compressed Air Best Practice 102 is an excellent reference for the F&B manufacturing sector and its suppliers:

  • Compressed air as pilot air (to control valves, cylinders, grippers,…): Class 7.4.4
  • Non-contact compressed air (no contact with ingredients, finished food, packaging material, storage vessels or the manufacturing machinery): Class 1.4.1
  • Non-contact high risk (possible unintended contact with ingredients, finished food, packaging material, storage vessels or the manufacturing machinery): Class 1.2.1
  • Contact compressed air (direct contact with ingredients, finished food, packaging material, storage vessels or the manufacturing machinery): Class 1.2.1

The dryer that meets compressed air standards for food industry

PB 760-7400 HE

The PB 760-7400 HE delivers a low pressure dew point (PDP) of -40°C/-40°F as standard (and -70°C/-94°F as an option), 3 high-efficiency models (a blower purge version and two zero purge variants), and flows up to 12,600 m3/hr.

Achieving quality compressed air starts with the right dryer. The PB adsorption dryer series from Pneumatech is the ideal F&B solution:

  • Top quality air: Produce food-grade compressed air with a reliable pressure dew point to meet ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 1, 2 & 3 requirements.
  • Cost efficiency: Keep your energy costs in check thanks to the PB’s industry-leading efficiency.
  • Reliability: With its in-house components and durable build, PB dryers offer superior reliability and reduce production downtime.
  • Long maintenance intervals: PB dryers are ready for use and allow for long maintenance intervals.
  • Easy operation: Our advanced controller, the PurelogicTM Touch, allows for easy control and monitoring.

A wide range of filters

Ultimate filters group picture
Filters play a key role in the treatment of compressed air. Pneumatech has a complete range of filters to make sure your compressed air meets all F&B quality requirements. This includes oil coalescing, particulate and oil vapor filters, as well breathing air, silicone-free, sterile and process filtration.

Meet all your air treatment needs from a single source

Pneumatech offers a comprehensive range of air treatment solution. Aside from dryers and filters,  our portfolio also includes drains and (oil-)water separators. That means you can get top-quality, fully compatible air solutions from one single source. 

Expert advice and support

Contact us with all the details about your F&B production and your compressed air requirements. Our experts will find the solution that meets all your needs. 

Compressed Air Dryers

If you've worked with an air compressor, you've likely noticed the air is saturated with moisture. This is because water, in contrast to air, is incompressible. The amount of moisture per volume unit increases when air is compressed, creating condensation. Our compressed air dryers are vital for removing this moisture, which can cause corrosion, quality issues, and microorganisms in your air system.