ADA 25-125 Non-Cycling High Temperature Refrigeration Dryers

The perfect companion for any piston compressor to keep your air system moisture free.

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Easy Four-Step Installation

  1. Assemble optional coalescing pre-filter to air inlet connection.
  2. Connect compressor air outlet to optional pre-filter at air inlet connection
  3. Pipe the connection to plant aiir system from optional after-filter or air outlet
  4. Electrical three-pronged plug connects to grounded wall connection.

Designed for High Temperatures

Dryer rated for temperatures up to 180 ºF.

What makes the ADA range unique?

  • Patented design with built-in aftercooler/condenser with cycling fan
  • Automatic drain with solid-state, programmable timer and manual override with particle strainer included
  • Unit shipped with full refrigerant charge
  • cULus industrial control panel with refrigerant suction gauge
  • Durable powder-coated cabinet

Model scfm @39 °F PDP scfm @50 °F PDP Dimensions L x W x H (in) Shipping Wt (lb)
ADA-25 20 25 22 x 16 x 25 57
ADA-50 40 50 26 x 21 x 39 108
ADA-75 60 75 26 x 21 x 39 168
ADA-100 80 100 26 x 21 x 48 231
ADA-125 100 125 26 x 21 x 48 236

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Refrigeration Dryers

Refrigeration dryers are the most commonly used dryers for removing moisture from compressed air. They therefore play an important role in shielding compressed air systems from corrosion and protecting your equipment and end products alike.