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Compressed air and the industrial gases you produce from this air are valuable products. Efficiency especially is a determining factor, as energy accounts for up to 80% of the total cost of a compressed air system. With Pneumatech’s proven, innovative measurement technologies, critical data points in an air and/or gas system can be recorded and analyzed so you can optimize its performance.

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Why measure your air and gas system?

Operating an inefficient or unreliable compressed air and/or industrial gas system will cost you. Production interruptions and energy waste are just two examples. Pneumatech’s compressed air and gas measurement equipment will identify performance issues and opportunities to maximize air system quality, reliability, energy savings, and sustainability.

Types of measurement equipment

Pneumatech offers an extensive range of compressed air and industrial gas measurement equipment:

Chart recorders
Pneumatech chart recorders show the measured data of different sensors on a screen, allowing you to see all parameters in one overview.

  • Check Box S1-S5 – Chart recorder.
  • Check Box S6 –- Intelligent chart recorder for compressed air and gases; energy analysis according to DIN EN ISO 50001; compressed air monitored according to ISO 8773.
  • Check Box M1-M5 – Affordable mobile chart recorder.
  • Check Box M6 – Intelligent mobile chart recorder; compressed air monitored according to ISO 8773.
  • Check Box 500 mobile – Hand-held industrial instrument.
  • PMH PM 5100 – Current/effective panel-mounted power meter.
  • PMH PM 600 – Mobile current/effective power meter.

Dew point meters
Pneumatech offers a wide and field-proven portfolio of dew point sensors. Recalibration and precision calibration at -40 °Ctd or 3 °Ctd, including ISO certificate.

  • Dew Point Measurement PDP Check M/M Plus.
  • PDP Sens – Dew point sensors; precision calibration at -40°Ctd including ISO certificate.
  • PDP Check S3/S4 – Dew point monitoring; precision calibration at -40 °Ctd or +3 °Ctd, including ISO certificate.
  • PDP Check S – Dew point monitoring.

Flow sensors
The basic principle of Pneumatech's flow meters is calorimetric measurement. Our reliable flow meters give you consumption and flow data according to the standard you prefer.

  • Flow check universal; ISO calibration certificate (5 calibration points) for flow sensors.
  • Flow check – Inline flow meter with flange.
  • Flow check – Inline flow meter with thread.

Leakage detectors
Our Leak Check range gives you all the measurements needed to detect leakages and thus the potential for considerable cost savings. Creates a detailed ISO 50001 report.

  • Leak Check – Leak detector.
  • Leak Check Pro – Leak detector with camera.

Pneumatech and third-party dew point sensors can be calibrated.

PMH Basic data evaluation in graphic form. Simply import your measurements via USB stick or Ethernet..

A complete product range

Pneumatech offers a complete range of measurement equipment solutions.

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