Pneumacheck air & gas audits

Measure, analyze and optimize your air and gas equipment’s performance to maximize your cost savings & sustainability.

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A PNEUMACHECK audit will help you determine how you can maximize your air or gas equipment to improve its performance, energy savings, and sustainability. 

An air or gas audit helps you save

Are you using your compressed air or industrial gas system optimally? The costs of an inefficient or unreliable installation quickly add up. A PNEUMACHECK audit will help you determine how you can improve the performance, energy savings, and sustainability of your air and nitrogen or oxygen generation equipment.

How does it work?

With PNEUMACHECK, you get a comprehensive auditing solution, from accurate measurement to expert advice

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1. Measurement
We install the PNEUMACHECK Box, a plug-and-play measurement, monitoring and logging device on-site.

2. Analysis & expertise
Our experts analyze and summarize your data in one report filled with actionable insights.

3. Results
Optimizing your air and gas system to cut your energy costs, reduce your environmental footprint, and meet quality and safety standards. 

What can PNEUMACHECK do for you?

- Find out your compressed air or N2 flow profiles.
- Test your compressed air system’s moisture, oil vapor and particle content to determine whether your air quality meets your requirements.
- Test the purity of the N2 and O2 you generate.
- Measure the pressure (drops) in your air and N2 network to identify potential energy waste.
- Find leaks in your air or N2 system.
- Measure the energy consumption of your compressed air equipment, including your compressor and dryer. 

The all-in-one auditing box

The PNEUMACHECK box is the all-in-one solution to test, measure, log and analyze your compressed air, nitrogen and oxygen system.

Pneumacheck box contents

- Flow Check Universal (max. version, probe length 220 mm, with display)
- Check Box M3 with 2 digital and 2 analog inputs
- 1/2" ball valve stainless steel
- 3x welding nipples
- Connection cable 5m (ODU/M12)
- Drilling device
- PMH basic software
- Protection frame (up to 50 bar)

The PNEUMACHECK box is the basic set required for the majority of the PNEUMACHECK audits, additional measurement equipment may be needed depending on the audit at hand, and can be included accordingly.

A wide range of PNEUMACHECK solutions

Pneumatech is the industry leader in air treatment and gas generation. Our range of PNEUMACHECK solutions helps you save money and improve your operational sustainability. Browse our different available audits here below.

- Nitrogen and compressed air flow
- Air and gas PDP
- Air and gas pressure
- Air, gas and vacuum leakages
- Air system power consumption
- Air oil vapor content
- Air particle content
- Gas purity

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