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Learn more about the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation for laboratories & scientific applications.

On-site nitrogen for laboratories & scientific applications

Nitrogen is an inert gas that does not react with many other substances. That makes it particularly useful for scientific laboratories and research institutes. They rely on nitrogen for, among other things, the protection of sensitive substances and processes, purging and blanketing, calibration, and gas chromatography. Pneumatech knows these laboratories' nitrogen requirements. A lab nitrogen generator from Pneumatech ensures the reliable, cost-efficient supply of high-purity nitrogen that research facilities need. 

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How do laboratories and scientific applications use nitrogen?

Many lab applications of nitrogen, including blanketing and purging, create an inert atmosphere. This is to eliminate any oxygen and moisture that can negatively affect products, processes or reactions. In addition, Nitrogen is used to ensure a consistent carrier gas flow in gas chromatography. It is also employed to establish a stable baseline for the calibration of various laboratory instruments, such as mass spectrometers and gas analyzers. 

Nitrogen requirements of scientific laboratories

Nitrogen plays a critical role in ensuring the accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability of different analytical techniques and processes. This creates a set of specific nitrogen requirements: 

  • Reliability: Analytical processes can take days to complete. Without a stable supply of nitrogen, they come to a halt. That is why any nitrogen solution must be absolutely reliable.
  • Cost-efficient purity: Gas chromatography requires high-purity nitrogen (typically 99.99%), which is more expensive to produce than a lower purity. A highly efficient nitrogen generator will keep energy costs low.
  • Compact size: With typical point-of-use installation, a compact generator with a small footprint is a must.
  • Flexibility: Any laboratory nitrogen solution must meet the demands of many scientific applications, from blanketing to high-purity processes like gas chromatography. 

Take your laboratory to the next level with the PPNG HE

The PPNG HE is Pneumatech’s premium PSA lab nitrogen generator, giving laboratories an all-in-one solution with superior reliability and cost-savings: 

  • High purity: The PPNG HE produces the nitrogen purity that laboratory applications demand. It can even go up to the 99.99% that gas chromatography requires. 
  • Cost savings: The PPNG HE offers best-in-class efficiency to keep the energy costs of generating high-purity nitrogen to a minimum. 
  • Sustainability: On-site nitrogen production eliminates delivery transportation emissions. The PPNG HE’s energy efficiency also contributes to a greener production. 
  • Long lifetime: Thanks to its robust build and protective features, the PPNG HE has a long lifetime. Its CMS will last at least 15 years at full load. 
  • Compact footprint: The PPNG 1-5.5 HE has a very small footprint. Installation using the existing compressed air network is easy. 

A lab nitrogen generator – the preferred solution

Many laboratories and research institutes still purchase their nitrogen – even though generating it on-site offers a wide range of advantages. 

Here are just four: 

  • Greater cost-efficiency saves you money
  • Eliminating bottle or liquid deliveries reduces your environmental footprint 
  • Take charge of your own nitrogen supply and make it available on demand 
  • Less hassle by removing supply logistics 

More than superior nitrogen generator

Pneumatech offers you more than “just” the best lab nitrogen generator on the market. We can also provide a wide range of air treatment and industrial gas solutions, from CO2 removal dryers to oxygen generators. 

Expert advice, service and support

Contact us with the details of your laboratory and its requirements, such as your nitrogen usage or the size of generator you need. Our experts will put together the best on-site solution for you.