Adsorption dryers for compressed air

Pneumatech’s range of adsorption dryers are designed with 2 drying vessels to consistently regenerate the desiccants to regain the dryer’s drying capacity.

Adsorption Dryers for clean and dried compressed air

April 19, 2022

Food processing industries, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, processes involving galvanic treatments have one critical common requirement – very clean and dried compressed air with the help of adsorption dryers. The natural air contains some amount of water vapor and other impurities.  Pneumatech’s adsorption dryers with premium desiccant material are energy efficient and offer clean and dried compressed air.

Defining adsorption dryer

Scientifically engineered, the adsorption air dryer is highly efficient and produces quality air that is devoid of pressure drops, contamination build-up waste, and air leaks. The dryer can generate compressed air with a process that lowers the pressure dew point, ranging from -40°C /-40°F to -70°C/-94°F, and meeting the fixed PDP needs year-long and condensation prevention.

Decoding the adsorption process

Adsorption drying is a chemical process. Here, the water vapor is bound to an adsorption material, which either solid or liquid. As per the working principle of the adsorption process, the moist air flows over the hygroscopic material. This material could be silica gel, molecular sieves, or even activated alumina. The air that flows over these hygroscopic materials and air is then dried. In the process, the exchange of water vapor from the moist compressed air passing through the desiccant leads to saturation of adsorbed water in the desiccant. The more desiccant, the higher is the water retained.

Distinctive features

Pneumatech PH 760 - 3390 HE Adsorption Dryer
Pneumatech’s range of adsorption dryers is designed with 2 drying vessels to consistently regenerate the desiccants to regain the dryer’s drying capacity. The dryer’s first tower dries the incoming compressed air and the second tower regenerates the desiccant’s drying capacity. Both the towers are engineered to switch tasks when one of them is completely regenerated. Our dryers can deliver quality dry air for critical applications offering a pressure dew point as low as -70°C/-94 °F. Pneumatech’s newly designed and innovative heatless adsorption dryer range – PH 760-3390 HE is equipped with features that offer clean, dry air for extending the life of equipment and products. Productivity enhancing features:
  • High-quality components
  • PDP -40°C/-40°F (standard): activated alumina
  • PDP -70°C/-94°F and high inlet temperature (option): molecular sieves

Advanced energy management:

  • PDP control - (Standard with PurelogicTM and optional with DC1 controller)
  • Compressor synchronization
  • Purge nozzle optimization (optional)
  • Robust design
  • Easy transportability

3 Variants:

  1. Standard DC1 controller (PDP control optional)
  2. PurelogicTM (PDP control standard available)
  3. Pneumatic controller (Zero-electricity requirement for installation and no PDP control possible)

Delivering Benefits:

Pneumatech’s range of adsorption dryers is designed for a series of industrial applications. They are engineered to provide optimal productivity, efficiency, and protection coupled with low operating costs.

The PH 760 - 3390 HE Welded Heatless Dryers offer a host of benefits:

  • Innovative open silencer design for lowest possible pressure drop
  • Reduced purge rate to 16% enhances performance
  • Large vessel diameter for lowering the risk of crushed desiccant
  • Guaranteed dry air and optimal energy efficiency
  • Lowered noise levels
  • Purelogic™ controller for optimal control and monitoring

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Adsorption Dryers

Efficient protection against humidity, a common cause of corrosion