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July 8, 2022

Pneumatech was founded in 1966 in the great state of Wisconsin in the USA. What started as a family business has since grown into the world’s trusted expert in air treatment and industrial gas solutions. It’s a success story we’re proud of, a true testament to the drive and entrepreneurial spirit of our entire team. But the position of industry leader is not one you can claim. It is one you must earn. For Pneumatech, this achievement is based on 5 guiding principles:

1. Commitment to excellence

Pneumatech doesn’t just want to produce air treatment and gas solutions. We want to produce the best air treatment and gas solutions in the business. Our customers expect superior reliability, efficiency and quality. We work tirelessly to give them just that. It is reflected in the energy savings our products deliver, but also in the certifications we have invested in and received (ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification).

2. Pioneering innovation

We never stop looking for that product or technology that will make all the difference. That requires a dedication to innovation and freeing the resources to fund research and development. As a result, Pneumatech has introduced a number of industry firsts, from external heat regenerative dryers in the 1980s to variable speed refrigerant dryers in the 2000s.

As our customers face new legislative, regulatory and sustainability challenges every day, innovation has become even more important. Pneumatech engages its R&D to find answers and solutions to these big questions. This has resulted in important advances, for example in dryer and gas generator efficiency.

3. An ever-enhancing product offer

Our title of air treatment and industrial gas company is backed by a comprehensive and ever-growing product portfolio. Today, our range includes:

  • Heatless and heated adsorption dryers
  • Refrigerant dryers
  • Filters
  • Condensate management
  • Gas (nitrogen and oxygen) generators
  • Purity measurement equipment

This allows us to service a wide range of industries, from general manufacturing to healthcare, agriculture, automotive, textile, power generation, oil & gas, food & beverage, electronics, and many more.

4. An expert, solution-driven team

It’s a cliché because it is true: it’s all about the people. It takes the smartest engineers to develop revolutionary new technologies. It takes a commercial team focused on finding the best solutions for customers, rather than selling products. It takes the most skilled and dedicated service technicians to provide the fast support our customers deserve. Every Pneumatech employee is a brand ambassador. That is why we never cease to invest in recruiting, training, continued education, and personal development.

5. Growing presence and reach

As Pneumatech’s customer base expanded across the globe, Pneumatech has followed. We extended our reach to ensure our customers get local support and the fastest possible service. We now have a presence on all continents, with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, China and the US, 3 major distribution centers in Belgium, The Netherlands, and China, and local representation in over 20 countries.

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