What are breathing air dryers?

What makes Pneumatech air dryers different than others?

July 8, 2022

Complete air masks and hoods supply breathing air from a source independent of the surrounding atmosphere. That source is typically an air compressor. But an air compressor alone does not always create breathable air. In fact, air from an air compressor may contain a variety of contaminants, including dust, dirt, water, oil, and carbon monoxide. That is why you need an industrial breathing air system to purify the air according to Grade D breathing air specifications. These breathing air systems provide a highly effective means to control exposure to respiratory hazards in the work place. The applications such as short-blasting, tank cleaning, tunneling, spray painting and many more require breathing air that is free from contaminants that may be present in the compressed air fed breathing air systems. These contaminants are present in the feed air in the form of fumes, oil, vapors, gases, solid particles and microorganisms.

What are the advantages of breathing air dryers?

  • Compliance with stringent Grade D air requirements
  • Special 7-stage filtration process offered unparalleled compressed air purity
  • Low noise levels
  • High quality filters
  • Compact and easy to attach design

The Breathing Air Dryer range assures safe working environment in a wide range of applications. Built to exceed standards, Breathing Air Dryers provide certified breathing air, even in situations with polluted intake air to ensure personnel safety at all times.

Special 7-stage filtration process offered unparalleled compressed air purity

  • Water Separator - For liquid water
  • Fine Filter - For Oil and Water aerosols
  • Super Fine Filter - For Oil and Water aerosols
  • Adsorption Dryer - For Water vapour and CO2
  • Activated Carbon - For Gaseous impurities
  • Catalyst - For CO oxidation to CO2
  • Bacteria Filter- For Bacteria and dust particles
Specially engineered valve manifolds, includes the pilot air controlled 3/2 valves, are designed with reliable and fast switching valves to reduce the pressure drops to a minimum. This does not only result in a low-pressure drop over the dryer, but also ensures maximum purge air expansion during regeneration. That lowers the purge air consumption drastically. Our breathing air dryers are compact and easy to connect design make the BA S/HE dryers, a perfect solution for your breathing air needs. For more information, please contact your local distributor.

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