AC Series - Cycling Dryers

Reliable refrigeration drying with the possibility of activating energy saving features to save you money.

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Purelogic Controller

An easy to use controller with energy saving algorithm, dewpoint or relative humidity display, freeze protection, high humidity alarm and ambient temperature offset.

See also Purelogic Controller

Premium energy efficiency

Our patented energy-savings algorithm starts and stops the dryer to save energy while keeping the relative humidity of the compressed air below 50% to prevent the formation of liquid water.

Zero-loss drain

Pneumatech's zero-loss drains save you money by preventing the loss of valuable compressed air associated with other types of drains.

Superior Reliability

  • Guaranteed drying performance in wide range of temperature conditions
  • Rotary refrigerant compressors: limited mechanical load and low vibrations (for AC125-2100)
  • Refrigeration cycle optimized in all conditions thanks to automatic expansion valve & electronic hot gas bypass valve (for AC650-2100)

Easy installation & maintenance at low cost

  • Pipe connections on top 
  • Long service intervals
  • Easy access to key components


Remote alarms keep you informed of service intervals and potential problems while the remote start and stop feature opens a whole new list of possibilities to control the dryer.

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Pneumatech Refrigerated Dryers

Pneumatech carries a full line of refrigerated air dryers for a wide range of applications to control moisture levels in compressed air systems.