COOL Series – Non-Cycling Dryers

An economic non-cycling solution for removing moisture from your compressed air system.

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Strong performance & reliability

The COOL range offers a stable pressure dew point as low as 5°C, ensuring ISO 8573-1 class 5 quality.

Compact & easy to install

The simple vertical design, plug-and- play connections and small footprint make COOL dryers an easy-to-use drying solution in various industrial applications.

Super cost saver

The COOL dryer is Pneumatech’s most cost-efficient drying solution thanks to the use of efficient and carefully selected components.

Easy maintenance

All components are easily accessible thanks to the vertical design.

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Pneumatech Refrigerated Dryers

Pneumatech carries a full line of refrigerated air dryers for a wide range of applications to control moisture levels in compressed air systems.