Why buy oxygen when you can generate your own on-site?

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The new PPOG HE: expert on-site oxygen generation solution

On-site oxygen generation has many benefits for businesses that require a dependable O2 supply. As a leading air treatment and gas generation expert, Pneumatech has the oxygen expertise, products and services to help you keep your costs down while improving operational excellence and reliability. 

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Advantages of on-site oxygen generation

Many companies still purchase their oxygen from third-party vendors. However, producing your own is the superior alternative:

  • Cost efficiency: With an oxygen generator, you can significantly reduce your operating costs. For example, compared to liquid or bottled O2, the cost per unit of oxygen is 50-90% lower when using the new Pneumatech PPOG HE generator.
  • Greater sustainability: Phasing out bottle or liquid oxygen deliveries means eliminating transport emissions. In addition, Pneumatech’s solutions can help you take sustainability to the next level by reducing your energy consumption. For example, our PPOG HE is 30% more efficient than traditional oxygen generators.
  • Control your oxygen supply: If oxygen is essential to your operation, relying on external vendors is risky business. On-site generation gives you complete control over the continuous, reliable supply of O2 you need.
  • No more logistics headaches: With an on-site oxygen generator, the many logistical challenges of dealing with oxygen vendors are a thing of the past. 

The PPOG HE – the optimal on-site oxygen generation solution

With the PPOG HE, Pneumatech has designed an industry-leading oxygen generator. It takes all of the benefits of on-site generation to an entirely new level – from unprecedented cost and energy savings to giving you a purity and cleanliness guarantee other generators cannot.

In addition to these benefits, you also get a generator with an extremely small footprint and great installation flexibility. It also provides you with state-of-the-art connectivity that allows you to monitor and control your PPOG HE and even integrate it into your DCS, SCADA, and PLC systems.

Finally, with the PPOG HE, you get a complete oxygen set-up with air and oxygen quality sensors, pressure regulator and flow meters included as standard.