Difficult calibration process for the oxygen sensors

The calibration process for the oxygen sensor of my nitrogen generator is complicated and time consuming.

July 8, 2022

PMNG 1-3 Series Pneumatech
Pneumatech use advanced Zirconia Sensors on all its PSA models. Therefore there is no need to calibrate the sensor at the site itself. Zirconia sensors are the most reliable sensors available in the market for tracing oxygen content in the gas streams. For the membrane units: Pneumatech's new PMNG 1-3 Series has an user-friendly calibration button located on the front of the machine for a quick and easy calibration process. The nitrogen analyzer is also battery-powered, and will shut down after a few minutes of inactivity to preserve battery. To perform the nitrogen analyzer calibration on your PMNG 1-3, follow the simple steps below:
  1. Turn switch to "calibrate"
  2. Check pressure regular setting at 0.5 bar/7.25 psi --> 0.7 bar/10.15 psi
  3. Press "On", then press "Cal"
  4. Let unit display stabilize at 79.1%
  5. Turn switch back to "Monitor N2"

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