The importance of the breathing air purifier

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When we think of breathing air, hospitals and other health care settings come to mind. But the operators of jobs such as tank cleaning, pharmaceutical manufacturing, spray-painting and asbestos removal need it too. While a compressor can supply this air, a breathing air purifier ensures it is safe for breathing in.

To understand the vital role of these purifiers, let’s look at where breathing air comes from. It originates in the ambient air that surrounds us. However, that air is always full of contaminants – from moisture and tiny particles to traces of oil. That air is then compressed. During that process, the contamination in the air becomes more concentrated.

The reason is that a compressor takes a lot of air and, as the name indicates, compresses it into a smaller amount. For example, it takes seven cubic meters of ambient air and turns it into one cubic meter of compressed air. But not only the feed air is compressed into a smaller space but also the contaminants it contains. In our example, that means seven times the moisture, seven times the tiny particles and seven times the oil residue.

For some compressed air applications, like inflating a tire, this wouldn’t be a problem. But it would not be a good idea to use it as your breathing air supply. Therefore, compressed air must be treated to get rid of any contaminants that could harm people who need breathing air to do their job. The goal is to ensure that it is very clean and dry when it is used in an air mask or a hood.

A breathing air purifier from Pneumatech – always the right choice

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This is why breathing air purifiers are so important – and you will find none better than the BA range from Pneumatech. They ensure that you can meet the stringent Grade D breathing air specifications.

Our breathing air systems offer a specialized all-in-one solution. Their 7-step filtration process includes a dryer, a water separator, a series of specialized filters, and a CO2 catalyst.

A dedicated desiccant dryer

The dryer is a key component of a breathing air system. Pneumatech’s dedicated adsorption dryers with especially selected desiccant offer top quality. They reliably remove the moisture from compressed air with maximum efficiency.

In addition, Pneumatech dryers take up little space and their noise levels are very low. This allows you to install them in more locations, for example closer to patients without inconveniencing them.

Reliable and fast switching valves reduce pressure drops to a minimum to increase the dryer’s efficiency. In addition, they ensure a maximum purge air expansion during the regeneration of the desiccant, which lowers the purge air consumption drastically. 

What is a desiccant dryer?

As their name indicates, these dryers use a desiccant, which is a material that adsorbs moisture. When the incoming air flows over this material, it is dried.

Adsorption air dryers usually come with two drying vessels. One of them adsorbs the water while the other “regenerates” its saturated desiccant. This means that the captured moisture is removed. Then, when the desiccant in the first vessel is saturated, these “towers” switch tasks. 

Pneumatech – your clean air partner

To find out more about our breathing air purifiers and other clean air solutions, simply reach out to one of our experts.

They can help you determine your air quality requirements and which of our dryers is the best fit for you.

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Breathing Air Purifiers

Our breathing air purifiers ensure a safe working environment in a wide range of applications. Built to exceed standards, they provide certified breathing air, even in situations with polluted intake air to ensure personnel safety at all times. Their seven-stage filtration system has been carefully designed to make sure the air quality at the outlet complies with stringent international standards.