Ultimate Filters - Elements

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Push Fit Pneumatech Filtration

Elements ensure perfect sealing within the filter housing and assist with easy removal

High quality stainless steel cylinders

provide corrosion resistance and deliver strength and stability to the element

Custom engineered

hydrophobic & oleophobic borosilicate media specifically developed to deliver consistently low pressure drop, combined with pleated element construction for high dirt holding capacity and an increased filtration surface area

Custom outer drainage layer

prevents oil carryover and improves coalescence performance

Unique Element end cap

colour coding system for quick and simple grade identification


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Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air can contain a wide range of contaminants, from oil droplets to sand and dust particles. However small, these particles can cause downstream equipment malfunctions, product contamination, and other quality issues. Depending on your application, you may need compressed air filters to prevent air system quality, reliability, and efficiency problems. Pneumatech offers various types of compressed air filters to remove any type of contaminant.