The PPNG 1-12 skid HE – the all-in-one high-pressure nitrogen solution

The PPNG 1-12 HE skid is the complete on-site nitrogen generation system that frees you from dependency on external suppliers and adds maximum cost savings, ease of use, flexibility and quality:

  • All-in-one/plug-and-play nitrogen generation system: just one power supply and one nitrogen connection.
  • Reduced energy costs: 30% higher efficiency than other high-pressure N2 packages.
  • Guaranteed nitrogen purity up to 99.999%: premium PSA generator with automatic nitrogen pressure and purity regulation.
  • Flexibility to meet your needs: 40-bar and 300-bar version, different sizes and a wide range of options to choose from.


A complete nitrogen system

PPNG 1-12 HE skid product picture cropped

The PPNG HE skid is everything you need to produce your own high-pressure nitrogen on one sturdy base frame:

  • PPNG HE nitrogen generator: Efficient performance and guaranteed nitrogen purity up to 99.999%.
  • PurelogicTM controller: Optimal control and easy local and remote monitoring.
  • 4-stage inlet filtration: Guaranteed air quality safeguards the N2 generator and user applications.
  • Variable speed drive compressor with integrated refrigerant dryer: Guaranteed stable supply of pressure with double-digit reductions in energy use and emissions.
  • 40 barg receiver or 300 barg cylinder nitrogen storage: Bottle rack with up to 16 high-pressure cylinders or a 40 barg receiver help manage peak demands by providing stored N2.
  • 40 barg or 300 barg nitrogen booster: Sized to minimize power consumption and number of start/stops.
  • Additional filtration: Removes contaminants for sensitive applications.
  • Local control panel and distribution board: One panel to power and control the complete system 

The laser cutting solution top solution for many high-flow nitrogen applications

The PPNG HE nitrogen skid is the best on-site solution for laser cutting, delivering the right purity and high uptime, flow, and gas quality.  

Advantages of on-site nitrogen generation

Still purchasing your nitrogen? On-site generation gives you control over your nitrogen supply and costs with a host of other benefits:

  • Cost efficiency: Significantly reduce your cost per unit of nitrogen by producing the gas yourself with the right purity.
  • Greater sustainability: Eliminate transport emissions by stopping bottle or liquid nitrogen deliveries. Pneumatech’s on-site generation solutions can further reduce your environmental footprint by minimizing your energy consumption.
  • A reliable nitrogen supply: Stop relying on external vendors. On-site generation gives you complete control and a continuous, reliable supply of nitrogen.
  • Organizational relief: With an on-site nitrogen generator, the many logistical challenges of dealing with nitrogen vendors and deliveries are a thing of the past. 

Pneumatech nitrogen generation services – more than just hardware

Pneumatech does much more than provide top-quality nitrogen generation solutions:

  • As an air treatment and gas generation specialist, we can meet all your compressed air quality and industrial gas needs.
  • When you provide us with information about your specific nitrogen needs, we can put together the optimal system to meet them.
  • We can help with leak detection, flow monitoring and other ways to make nitrogen and compressed air generation more efficient and save you money.