What is the Difference Between a Standard Inline Filter and a High-Pressure Inline Filter?

February 26, 2019

When using compressed air for any application, it is almost always necessary to use a compressed air filter. These filters range in style from threaded, flanged, carbon and high pressure. Each filter style has a unique purpose for specific applications and the right filter must be selected to keep your compressed air system efficient.

What is the difference in filter styles?

Threaded filters are basic filters that are easy to maintain that have die case aluminum housings with special anodized treatment outside and inside to protect against corrosion. Pneumatech's line of threaded filters come in coalescing, particulate and adsorber options.

Flanged filters are higher grade filters that have a special coating insuring a housing lifetime of at least 20 years and also have higher performance. These filters also come in coalescing, particulate and adsorber options and have up to 10,594 nominal cfm flow.

Carbon filters are high-efficiency filters that are capable of removing hydrocarbons, odors and oil vapors from compressed air. When combined with Pneumatech oil coalescing filters, these filters can prodce Class 1 air according to ISO 8573-1:2010.

High pressure filters handle high PSI levels coming from the air compressor and are used in high pressure applications. These filters have the maximum contaminant removal using highly efficient glass fiber and fleece media. These filters allow low pressure losses, increased energy savings and lower operating costs.

So what is the difference in a regular filter vs. a high pressure filter?

High pressure filters are used in applications where it is imperative to remove any particulates or vapors that could damage or ruin the final product during manufacturing or other processes. These filters are often used in applications such as laser cutting, bottling, pressure testing of components, high pressure die-casting, seismic exploration and diving applications. While regular threaded & flanged filters can only handle up to 232 PSI, Pneumatech's range of high pressure filters range from 725 to 5000 PSI. 

If you have any questions on which filter you need for your air compressor system, contact our Technical Support team at 800-336-2285 today. You can browse Pneumatech's filter line HERE.