What is the Difference Between Pneumatech's Filters and Competitor's Filters?

May 28, 2019

When using a compressed air system, the compressed air will always come into contact with either your final product, or other types of equipment used in production, packaging, manufacturing, etc. In order to prevent contamination from moisture, bacteria, dirt and other contaminates, air filters are used to prevent particles from reaching and ruining anything downstream of the compressor. But what makes Pneumatech's air filters superior to the competition?

Pneumatech's compressed air filters incorporate a number of key innovative features:

• Enhanced high-performance stainless steel filter cores ensure ultimate strength and low risk of implosion.

• New, enhanced media ensure high filter efficiency, low pressure drop and guaranteed lifetime performance.

• Oil coalescing filters with a large drainage capacity are ideal for variable speed compressors.

• Dust filters – with a large particulate capacity which prolongs filter lifetime.

• Filter elements have been designed to guarantee proper sealing.

• Easy maintenance and reliability via push-on element.


The core within an air filter is made to keep the barrier in place and the filter structurally sound. Pneumatech's cores are made with two perforated metal cores that go inside of the barrier to provide structure. This provides the most strength and reliability for the air filter. Other competitors typically use two expanded metal cores, no core or one extruded plastic core. Two expanded metal cores are less rigid than perforated and do not provide as much structure. Using one extruded plastic core or no core at all provides much less strength than the Pneumatech perforated core.


The soft barrier within an air filter is what helps remove the contaminates from your compressed air. Pneumatech's barrier's are constructed with foam which provides better drainage and less re-entrainment. This gives the barrier a higher resistance to heat and humidity, as well as higher reliability and guaranteed air quality over it's lifespan. Other competitors typically use fleece or thin, nonwoven material. This causes bad drainage and remaining oil in the wet band of the filter which can lead to re-entrainment in downstream air.


The caps on an air filter seal the filter to prevent the contaminates from escaping and entering back into your compressed air stream. Pneumatech's caps are simple and reliable, top and bottom caps complete with o-rings. These provide for easy mounting and proper sealing. Some competitive units have complex piracy-protected top taps that cause difficult sealing and put you at risk for bypass and leaks. Other competitors don't use caps, but only have rubber rings. These are very difficult to service and are at a very high rish for bypass and leaks.

Pneumatech filters offer standard and high-efficiency ranges of compressed air filters to best meet your process needs. To browse our full line of filters, please click HERE.