What is in it for me with the new AC 200-630 VSD?

The new variable speed refrigerant dryers offer a series of advantages for your and your production

July 8, 2022

Refrigerant dryers are an integral part of compressed air networks. They remove moisture from compressed air and thereby shield downstream equipment from corrosion while also preventing end products from becoming contaminated. This saves costs by reducing maintenance expenses and ensuring that pneumatic tools run longer and better. Unfortunately, traditional fixed-speed refrigerant dryers are very inefficient. While they provide a consistent supply of high-quality air, operating at full speed all the time consumes a lot of energy. The new AC VSD refrigerant dryer requires no such compromise: In addition to delivering double-digit energy savings, the variable speed drive (VSD) dryer from Pneumatech increases production quality and reliability while offering a low cost of ownership. It manages to accomplish all of the above with a physical footprint that is smaller than that of its competitors. And, to top it all off, it is much more environmentally friendly than conventional dryers.

The Next Chapter in Dryer Excellence

The AC VSD features VSD technology. That means the dryer will only use as much energy as is needed at any given time instead of operating at full power all the time like conventional dryers.

As a result, the AC VSD offers its users energy savings of up to 60%, which is a degree of efficiency conventional dryers simply cannot achieve. Remarkably, it does so without compromising on the quality of the compressed air at all.

These energy savings are so significant that the investment in a VSD dryer can be offset quickly. In many cases, an AC VSD will pay for itself in as little as a year and a half.  

Excellent Production Quality and Reliability

However, these savings are only part of this latest Pneumatech success story. The AC VSD also delivers high-quality, Class 4 purity air. That is a major improvement over thermal mass refrigerant dryers, which are able to offer modest energy savings at the expense of air quality. Their operational principle is based on running at full speed while cooling a thermal mass and then shutting off and running on that thermal mass to preserve energy. While that is more efficient than fixed-speed refrigerant dryers, a widely fluctuating dew point and air quality is a high price to pay for modest energy savings. In addition, thermal mass dryers not only supply air that may vary by up to two purity classes, they also cannot run on their thermal mass in high ambient temperatures. The new AC VSD dryers from Pneumatech don’t have any of these problems. They consistently supply Class 4 purity air – even in ambient temperatures of up to 46°C/114°F. In addition, because they never operate below 20%, a low dew point, and therefore also premium quality air, is available at all times. The result is an outstanding production quality and reliability.

Various actions must be taken to protect food against the contaminants described, because each type of contaminant can be blocked or limited with devices that use different available technologies.

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Refrigeration dryers are the most commonly used dryers for removing moisture from compressed air. They therefore play an important role in shielding compressed air systems from corrosion and protecting your equipment and end products alike.