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Membrane Dryers

For increased efficiency and an extended life span of your compressed air equipment

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Why do I need a membrane dryer and how does it work?

Untreated compressed air always contains water. As water is incompressible, the amount of moisture per volume increases when air is compressed. The maximum amount of moisture per volume of air (the so-called holding capacity of moisture in the air) is however limited for a certain temperature. Condensation forms when air is compressed.

Membrane dryers use the principle of selective permeation (separation) of the air components. This is achieved by a hollow-fiber membrane, where moisture can diffuse through the fine pores of the fiber bundles. When differences in moisture concentration arise between the inside and outside of a fiber membrane, moisture is transferred through the membrane surface to equalize the moisture concentration on both sides of the membrane. Part of the dry air is used as purge air in order to remove the moisture from the incoming wet air.

Membrane dryers for compressed air have a compact size. They are easy-to-use and offer a simple drying solution for your compressed air needs. They operate without electricity and come in different types of membranes tailor-made for your compressed air and dew point requirements.

Membrane Dryers

Increased efficiency and an extended life span of your compressed air equipment