PDP Check S Mobile Dew Point Sensors

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Alarm unit

Buzzer and continuous red light

Digital process meter PDP Check S

System ready for plug-in

Everything completely wired

2 alarm contacts

(230 VAC, 3 A) pre- and main alarm freely adjustable

4-20 mA analogue output

Standard measuring chamber

Dew point sensor PDP Sens 1/2

The dew-point set is wired ready to plug in at the factory. The alarm values can be set freely. The dew point sensor PDP Sens 1/2 is extremely long-term stable and can be quickly and easily installed and removed under pressure via the screw-on measuring chamber and quick coupling.

Technical data display PDP Check S


118 x 92 x 93 mm


LED red, 7 segments, height: 13 mm, 5 digits, 2 LED for alarm relay


4 keys


4-20 mA

Power supply

230 VAC, 50/60 Hz; Option: 24 VDC or 110 VAC 50/60 Hz

Alarm outputs

2 x relay output, changeover contact, 250 VAC, max. 3 A

Operating temperature

-10-+60 °C

(storage temperature -20°C-+80°C)

Alarm thresholds

freely adjustable


2 °Ctd

Analog output

4-20 mA = -80-20 Ctd or -20-50°Ctd.

Dew Point Sensors

Pneumatech offers a wide and field proven product portfolio for dew point sensors. With our especially designed stationary and mobile solutions, the dew point of refirgeration, desiccant or membrane dryers can be supervised