ECOBOX Oil Water Separator

The Pneumatech ECOBOX offers a compressor condensate cleaning solution with excellent performance for compressed air systems up to 60 cfm. It is designed to remove the oil traces from compressor condensate via adsorption.

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ECOBOX - Oil/Water Separator

The ECOBOX is able to clean the compressor condensate to oil concentrations below 15 ppm* by using a new, advanced filter medium. General country legislations for oil in water contamination are 20 ppm*. It is specifically designed to offer an affordable condensate cleaning solution for piston compressor and small screw compressor installations.

*15 ppm is generally well below the acceptance level for disposal in the sewage, but due to strongly varying international and local regulations, it is the user's responsibility to consult local waste water discharge regulations and ensure compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Economic - avoiding collection and treatment by a costly external company
  • Compact footprint - compact and lightweight design, optimized for small compressor installations
  • Excellent performance - thanks to the use of advanced adsorption media.

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Condensate Management

Condensate is the inevitable by-product of compressing air. In the case of oil-injected air compressors, this condensate can contain both oil and water. Pneumatech condensate management solutions remove water from your air system and separate oil from water to help you dispose of it legally, safely, and environmentally friendly.