Check Box M 6 Chart Recorders

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Clear layout

7” color screen with touch panel


Up to 12 optional sensors can be connected

Suitable for industrial applications

Metal housing IP 65 or panel mounting


Daily/weekly/monthly reports

Data available on the web

Network-compatible and remote transmission via webserver

Mathematical function for internal calculations

Totalizer function for analogue signals

Saves time and costs during installation

If we talk about operational costs of compressed air plants we are actually talking about the energy cost as they make up about 70% to 80% of the total costs of a compressed air plant. Depending on the size of the plant this means considerable operating costs. Even in smaller plants this may quickly add up to the equivalent of the costs of a small passenger car per year. This is an amount which can be considerably reduced - even in the case of well operated and maintained plants.

Does this also apply to your compressed air plant? Which actual costs per generated volume of compressed air do you actually have? What is the total performance balance of your plant? How high are the differential pressures of single filters, how high is the humidity (pressure dew point), how much compressed air is used? By means of the new intelligent chart recorder Check Box M6 and the suitable sensors and meters all these questions can be answered easily. 

Measurement Equipment

Compressed air and the industrial gases you produce from this air are valuable products. Efficiency especially is a determining factor, as energy accounts for up to 80% of the total cost of a compressed air system. With Pneumatech’s proven, innovative measurement technologies, critical data points in an air and/or gas system can be recorded and analyzed so you can optimize its performance.