On-site gas generation a better alternative to delivered gas

Why is on-site gas generation a better alternative to nitrogen delivery?

July 8, 2022

Both gas nitrogen and liquid nitrogen are used in various applications for preservation, packaging, freezing and more. Most facilities are using on-site gas generation over outsourcing liquid nitrogen, but why?

Storage Life

When nitrogen is transported to your facility, it is transported as a liquid. The boil-off rate of liquid nitrogen can be very substantial, resulting in a frequent loss of product. If stored vessels aren't used, the loss can be as much as 40% of the vessel in a month's time. If the nitrogen is constantly used, up to 10% a month can still evaporate. If the vessel used is too big for the application, boil-off will also occur. If vessels are not used, they will lose all liquid nitrogen content within less than 3 months.

Long Contracts

Nitrogen is typically outsourced and delivered by third party nitrogen carriers. Contracts with nitrogen suppliers are often lengthy (5-10 years) and usually have very restrictive regulations. Outsourcing nitrogen also puts you at the mercy of the stock levels and the delivery capabilities of the company that is supplying you. If your facility needs constant liquid or gas nitrogen to operate, depending on an outside company to supply your nitrogen is not an option.


Liquid nitrogen is very dangerous, especially when used for cooling purposes. Spills, leaks or other accidents involving liquid nitrogen can result in serious injury or death because of it's ability to instantly freeze anything it comes in contact with. This is also a safety risk involved in outsourcing any type of nitrogen, as nitrogen is almost always transported in a liquid form. This poses a risk during transportation and especially on arrival to your facility as the vessels are being unloaded. It is much more safe to produce gas nitrogen on-site without the risk of spilling liquid nitrogen.

Whether you need nitrogen for packaging, blanketing, purging or any other use, using on-site nitrogen over delivered nitrogen is the better alternative. From storage life, to convenience, to safety reasons, on-site nitrogen generators provide the most viable and practical option for thousands of different businesses.

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