ADA 25-125 Non-Cycling High Temperature Refrigeration Dryers

The perfect companion for any piston compressor to keep your air system moisture free.

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Easy Four-Step Installation

  1. Assemble optional coalescing pre-filter to air inlet connection.

  2. Connect compressor air outlet to optional pre-filter at air inlet connection

  3. Pipe the connection to plant aiir system from optional after-filter or air outlet

  4. Electrical three-pronged plug connects to grounded wall connection.

Designed for High Temperatures

Dryer rated for temperatures up to 180 ºF.

What makes the ADA range unique?

  • Patented design with built-in aftercooler/condenser with cycling fan

  • Automatic drain with solid-state, programmable timer and manual override with particle strainer included

  • Unit shipped with full refrigerant charge

  • cULus industrial control panel with refrigerant suction gauge

  • Durable powder-coated cabinet

Model scfm @39 °F PDP scfm @50 °F PDP Dimensions L x W x H (in) Shipping Wt (lb)
ADA-25 20 25 22 x 16 x 25 57
ADA-50 40 50 26 x 21 x 39 108
ADA-75 60 75 26 x 21 x 39 168
ADA-100 80 100 26 x 21 x 48 231
ADA-125 100 125 26 x 21 x 48 236

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ADA-25 to ADA-125 Datasheet

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