High Quality membrane separator:

  • Superior membrane constructed from high quality Aluminum with technically advance fiber
  • N2 Generation is achieved without any moving part
  • Outstanding performance for 90-99,5% Nitrogen separation

3-stage pre-filtration integrated in the canopy

Simple, reliable and user friendly

  • All-in-one plug & play solution
  • All filters integrated in enclosed canopy design
  • Instant supply of nitrogen
  • No specialist installation or commissioning

No power supply required thanks to Pneumatic controlled valves & battery-powered nitrogen analyzer

Guaranteed purity

  • Nitrogen analyzer (battery powered) with auto-calibration button (optional)
  • Purity controller to ensure constant N2 purity at all times

Compressed Air savings when desired purity is reached

  • Economizer (pneumatic) automatically stops air consumption when target pressure is reached

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Генераторы газов Pneumatech

Pneumatech разрабатывает и производит как стандартное, так и специализированное оборудование для производства газов непосредственно на местах потребления. В линейке Pneumatech предлагаются генераторы азота и кислорода с технологией PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption), а также с мембранной технологией для производства азота средней и низкой чистоты.