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On-site nitrogen for laser cutting

Laser cutting is a very popular technology that allows metal fabricators and the manufacturers of original equipment to cut metal sheets quickly and precisely. Nitrogen plays a crucial role in this process. To ensure that they always have a steady supply of high-quality nitrogen available, laser cutting professionals rely on Pneumatech. With innovative plug & play solutions, we are an expert in on-site nitrogen for laser cutting.

What role does nitrogen play in laser cutting?

Using extreme heat, the laser cuts through the metal by melting it. Nitrogen is then used to blow away that molten material. Because it is an inert gas, nitrogen keeps oxygen away from the cutting area and ensures a clean finish. 

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Requirements for nitrogen for laser cutting

Because of the importance of nitrogen in laser cutting, companies that use this technology have a specific set of nitrogen requirements:

  • Reliability: Nitrogen plays an essential role in laser cutting. That is why any nitrogen solution must ensure that a reliable supply of the gas with the required purity is always available.
  • Optimal flow: Depending on the thickness and type of metal, laser cutting requires a lot of nitrogen. An optimal nitrogen solution will not only be able to handle that maximum flow but also any fluctuations in demand.
  • Gas quality: Laser cutting demands high-quality nitrogen, as contaminants can affect the laser and the final product.
  • Cost efficiency: Laser cutting uses a lot of nitrogen, which makes its cost an important consideration. A highly efficient nitrogen generation solution can reduce costs significantly. 

On-site generation of nitrogen for laser cutting – the preferred solution

Many companies that do laser cutting still purchase their nitrogen – even though generating your own gas on-site offers more advantages.

Here are just four:

  • Greater cost-efficiency saves you money
  • Eliminating bottle or liquid deliveries reduces your environmental footprint
  • Take charge of your own nitrogen supply
  • Less hassle by removing supply logistics 

The PPNG HE skid allows you to take your laser cutting operation to the next level

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Pneumatech’s PPNG 1-12 HE skid is the all-in-one on-site nitrogen generation system that offers supply control, cost savings, ease of use, flexibility and quality:

  • All-in-one solution: The PPNG HE skid is a complete generation system. It includes a VSD compressor, a high-pressure booster, a PSA nitrogen generator and all necessary air and nitrogen storage and treatment equipment.
  • Nitrogen quality: Several layers of filtration are built in to remove any contamination.
  • Ease of use: The PPNG HE skid is a completely turnkey solution with just one power supply, one nitrogen connection and one control panel. You can optionally also use the skid to meet your compressed air needs.
  • Cost savings: The PPNG HE skid is 30% more efficient than other high-pressure packages. This is thanks to its Variable Speed Drive compressor, the highly efficient booster, and nitrogen generator with premium PSA technology.
  • Flexibility: A 40-bar and 300-bar version, different sizes and a wide range of options are available to meet your specific needs.

More than a superior nitrogen generation solution

Pneumatech offers you more than the optimal all-in-one nitrogen generation solution for laser cutting. We also provide a wide range of other industrial gas solutions. This includes CO2 removal dryers used to prevent raw material aging, turnkey air treatment and industrial gas systems, and much more.

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