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Onsite Gas Generators for Industrial Gases

Produce your own oxygen or nitrogen in the correct purity for your installation. Both gases can be extracted from the ambient air with the help of a compressor and a gas generator, with a quick return on investment.

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Pneumatech designs and manufactures both standard and engineered onsite gas generator products. Nitrogen and oxygen generators are available with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, while membrane technology is offered for lower nitrogen purity levels.

Since the 1970s gas generators began to be installed onsite giving customers the freedom and flexibility to provide for their own supply of industrial gases. Pneumatech’s nitrogen and oxygen generators are available with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, resulting in nitrogen purities up to 99,999% and oxygen purities up to 95%. Membrane technology is also offered for nitrogen purity levels up to 99,5%. Pre-defined high-pressure nitrogen skids have been developed as a plug-and-play solution for various applications like laser-cutting.

Benefits of on-site Gas Generation:

Safety: Gas of required purity is generated on-demand with none of the safety hazards of handling high-pressure cylinders

Low cost: No rental charges, transport expenses and evaporation losses, return on investment often less than two years

Availability: Industrial gas whenever you need it, no cumbersome logistics, no storage, no loss due to evaporation

Smooth integration: Easy integration with existing compressed air installations.

A complete solution: You are looking for a complete nitrogen solution including a compressed air station? Talk to us, we can provide you with a complete offer including a compressor and all components to ensure a flawless installation

Gas Generators

On-site nitrogen can be generated by PSA and by membrane technology