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Oxygen for aquaculture

Aquaculture refers to the farming of aquatic organisms, such as (primarily) fish, crustaceans and algae. This growth industry has the potential of addressing the world’s increasing food demand. Oxygen plays a key role in aquaculture as it helps keep the fish alive and healthy.

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On-site oxygen generation for aquaculture

Read our below-ebook and learn how on-site oxygen generation can benefit your aquaculture operations!

Oxygen requirements in aquaculture

Fish farms and other aquaculture operations thrive with oxygen. That’s why they require a dependable, continuous supply of oxygen. In addition, they need the appropriate oxygen purity and volume to ensure the water’s dissolved oxygen levels are just right to maintain optimal fish health and growth.

What are the benefits of on-site oxygen generation?

Many companies still purchase their oxygen – even though generating oxygen on-site offers more advantages.

  • Greater cost-efficiency saves you money
  • Eliminating bottle or liquid deliveries reduces your environmental footprint
  • Take charge of your own oxygen supply
  •  Less hassle by removing supply logistics

Take your aquaculture operation to the next level with the PPOG HE

Pneumatech’s PPOG HE produces the right the oxygen volume, purity and reliability at a massively reduced cost and a smaller environmental footprint:  

  • Top efficiency compared to liquid or bottled oxygen (+50-90%) and traditional generators (+30%)
  • Dependable oxygen supply eliminates the need for expensive oxygen deliveries
  • No oxygen transport reduces emissions
  • Constantly and remotely monitor oxygen flow and purity
  • Autonomous and self-protecting features save time and safeguard reliability
  • Special containers offer a true plug & play solution for installation in remote or tough environments
PPOG HE front correct
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More than a superior product

But Pneumatech offers more than “just” the best oxygen generator on the market. We also provide the equipment and expertise our customers need to ensure that their oxygen is optimal for their application.  

Expert advice and support

Contact us with the details about your application and its requirements, such as your oxygen usage or the size of generator you need. Whether you are improving your existing operation or need an OEM partner to support building a new one, our experts will put together the best on-site solution for you. If you don’t know your exact requirements or need assistance, they are ready to help you through the specification process.