Guaranteed reliability

  • Compact design, made in house
  • Integrated ball-valve with double inlet thread ½” and ¼” and an integrated strainer easy to clean
  • Test button to condensate manually and check the valve function
  • Endless flexibility

  • Simple to install and fully automatic
  • No limitation in air flow
  • Cycle and valve opening intervals can be set independently of each other
  • Supplied with 2m cable with solenoid plug
  • NPT connection available
  • IP65 enclosure

    Transparency of operation

  • two LED displays showing the operating status
  • Pneumatech’s CDT condensate drains discharge the condensate  automatically, based on pre-set time intervals. The opening and closing  times can be set with high flexibility, which make the drains suitable for  almost all capacities. CDT drains are selected in heavy-duty operations,  where the large cross-sections opening, and the simplicity of the drain  are highly valued. 

    High pressure timer drain CDT HP are available for operating pressure up to 350 bar (400 bar for 115V)