Benefits of having an aftercooler

What are the benefits of having an aftercooler for your air compressor?

July 8, 2022

Compressed air will always be saturated with water when it leaves a compressor, but the outlet temperature has an important influence on the water load downstream of the compressor. In order to minimize the load and size of the downstream dryer, it is recommended to install a highly efficient aftercooler between the compressor and dryer. An aftercooler is a mechanical heat exhanger that is designed to remove the heat-of-compression from the compressed air flow and to prep the air so it can then enter a dryer and/or be used in air-operated equipment. Aftercoolers are an integral component in any compressed air system and can greatly benefit your system and your overall operation. The benefits of having an aftercooler for your air compressor are:
  • Adding an extra drying/cooling process to the air - especially beneficial in applications where moisture is detrimental to the final product
  • Aftercoolers protect downstream equipment from excessive heat and moisture - this will prolong the life and efficiency of your dryer
  • Reduce the size of dryer needed - Since the aftercooler treats the air before it gets to your dryer, there is less stress on the dryer, which means you can use a smaller dryer unit, saving you money and space
  • Reduces threat to safety - Hot compressed air hoses/pipes can be a source of fire ignition. Cooling the air immediately greatly reduces this risk.

Adding an aftercooler to your compressed air operation will not only increase the quality of your finished product, but it can save you money in repair costs and save you space from using a smaller dryer unit. Pneumatech has a full offering of aftercoolers to integrate into your compressed air system. You can browse the Pneumatech aftercooler products here below.

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