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On-site oxygen for biogas production

Biogas is an up-and-coming renewable source of energy. It is produced by taking waste from households or businesses and turning it into a green fuel that can be used to generate gas, electricity and heat. Oxygen plays an important role in this process because it reacts with an undesirable byproduct of biogas production (hydrogen sulfide). This reduces the amount of hydrogen sulfide to a safe level and protects downstream equipment.

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Oxygen requirements in biogas production

Oxygen plays a crucial role in the production of biogas. That’s why biogas plants must have a reliable oxygen supply. The oxygen also needs to be available at the correct flow to maintain the right level of hydrogen sulfide while minimizing oxygen use. The oxygen purity also must be high enough to reduce nitrogen content and improve the Wobbe/energy index while avoiding a needlessly high specification that comes with a higher cost per m3.

What are the benefits of on-site oxygen generation?

Many companies still purchase their oxygen – even though generating oxygen on-site offers more advantages.

  • Greater cost-efficiency saves you money
  • Eliminating bottle or liquid deliveries reduces your environmental footprint
  • Take charge of your own oxygen supply
  • Less hassle by removing supply logistics

Take your biogas production to the next level with the PPOG HE

With the lowest energy consumption on the market, the Pneumatech PPOG HE can make biogas plants environment-friendly while lowering operating costs:

  • 30% more efficient than traditional oxygen generators
  • Dependable oxygen supply eliminates the need for expensive oxygen deliveries
  • No oxygen transport reduces emissions
  • Integrate the generator into plant DCS/BMS systems to monitor oxygen flow at all times
  • Variable Flow Saver reduces energy costs by 70% during lower demand
  • Automatic and autonomous operation provides top reliability and user-friendliness 
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More than a superior product

But Pneumatech offers more than “just” the best oxygen generator on the market. We also provide the equipment and expertise our customers need to ensure that their oxygen is optimal for their application.  

Expert advice and support

To take the next step in your biogas plant design or your production, get in touch with us now. Once you provide us with information such as the number of your digesters, the size of your plant, the volume of your production and the amount of hydrogen sulfide you have to remove, we will put together the optimal on-site oxygen generation solution. If you don’t have that information or need assistance, our experts are ready to help you through the specification process.