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Air treatment for cement production

Just like compressed air, cement can be found all around us. Our modern world would be unimaginable without either. Therefore, it makes sense that compressed air plays an important role in the making of cement. However, quality standards do apply for compressed air for cement production. That's because untreated compressed air can compromise the final product. Pneumatech offers the air dryers and filters that will ensure a smooth and reliable cement production. 

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The use of compressed air for cement production

Compressed air has many applications in the cement industry. First and foremost, it is used as an aid or the means for conveying material.

But that’s not all. Compressed air is also needed for the following:

  • Ash handling
  • Tool powering
  • Pneumatic controls and actuators
  • Cleaning

The importance of quality air in the production of cement

If compressed air is left untreated, it always contains contaminants in the form of moisture, particles and oil.

In the production of cement, moisture is especially harmful. If cement comes into contact with water, the powdery mix clumps quickly. This is not just bad for the cement itself but also for any type of equipment used in its production.

That is why the air has to be treated (and especially dried) to protect the cement and its production equipment.

The compressed air quality standard

ISO 8573-1:2010 is the international standard that categorizes compressed air quality. Knowing which quality class your application requires will help you find the right solutions to achieve it. 

Purity class

Solid particles


Total oil

Number of particles per m3

Pressure dewpoint


0.1 < d ≤ 0.5 μm**

0.5 < d ≤ 1.0 μm**

1.0 < d ≤ 5.0 μm**





As specified by the equipment user or supplier and more stringent than Class 1.


≤ 20000

≤ 400

≤ 10

≤ -70

≤ -94

≤ 0.01


≤ 400000

≤ 6000

≤ 100

≤ -40

≤ -40

≤ 0.1



≤ 90000

≤ 1000

≤ -20

≤ -4

≤ 1




≤ 10000

≤ 3

≤ 37.4

≤ 5




≤ 100000

≤ 7

≤ 44.6



≤ 5 mg/m3

≤ 10

≤ 50


The dryer that meets cement production needs

PB 760-7400 HE

The PB HE offers a low pressure dew point (PDP) of -40°C/-40°F as standard (and -70°C/-94°F as an option).</p>

Achieving quality compressed air for cement starts with the right dryer. And there are none better than the PB adsorption dryer series from Pneumatech.

These dryers check all the boxes when it comes to taking your cement production to the next level.

  • The right solution: Our PB dryers can produce high-purity compressed air and deliver a reliable pressure dew point to achieve ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 1, 2 & 3 at 100% load conditions.
  • Cost savings: With best-in-class efficiency, the dryer range helps keep your energy costs to a minimum.
  • Superior reliability: Using in-house components and a durable design, PB dryers deliver the highest reliability and minimize costly production downtime.
  • Long maintenance intervals: PB dryers are ready for use, with high-grade and long-life components and desiccant to extend maintenance intervals.
  • Ease of use: Our advanced PurelogicTM Touch allows you to control and monitor all parameters to ensure maximum reliability of installation.

A wide range of filters

Ultimate filters group picture
Filters play an essential role in the treatment of compressed air, no matter which contaminant you have to get rid of. Pneumatech has a wide range of filters to make sure your compressed air meets all quality requirements.

This includes coalescing, particulate and oil vapor filters, as well breathing air, silicone-free, sterile and process filtration.

Meet all your air treatment needs from a single source

As the leader in compressed air quality, Pneumatech offers a comprehensive range of air treatment equipment. This includes all types of dryers, filters, drains and (oil-)water separators. That means you can get top-quality, fully compatible air solutions from one single source. 

Expert advice and support

Contact us with all the details about your application and its requirements. For example your compressed air usage or the compressed air quality class you need. Our experts will put together the best solution for you. If you do not have that information or need support, they are ready to help you through the specification process.

Compressed Air Dryers

If you've worked with an air compressor, you've likely noticed the air is saturated with moisture. This is because water, in contrast to air, is incompressible. The amount of moisture per volume unit increases when air is compressed, creating condensation. Our compressed air dryers are vital for removing this moisture, which can cause corrosion, quality issues, and microorganisms in your air system.

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air can contain a wide range of contaminants, from oil droplets to sand and dust particles. However small, these particles can cause downstream equipment malfunctions, product contamination, and other quality issues. Depending on your application, you may need compressed air filters to prevent air system quality, reliability, and efficiency problems. Pneumatech offers various types of compressed air filters to remove any type of contaminant.

Condensate Management

Condensate is the inevitable by-product of compressing air. In the case of oil-injected air compressors, this condensate can contain both oil and water. Pneumatech condensate management solutions remove water from your air system and separate oil from water to help you dispose of it legally, safely, and environmentally friendly.