The applications and benefits of adsorption air dryers

When to use an adsorption air dryer

The food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and galvanic treatment processes have one critical common requirement – very clean and dry compressed air. Pneumatech adsorption air dryers are the energy efficient solution to achieve this high-quality air. 

What is an adsorption air dryer?

Adsorption drying is a chemical process. It all starts with compressed air, which is saturated with moisture after it leaves the compressor. This can compromise your entire air system, your pneumatic tools as well as your final products. To avoid corrosion and contamination, compressed air must be dried. This is where adsorption air dryers come in. As untreated air passes through these dryers, the moisture content in the air attaches itself to hygroscopic material. This desiccant can be silica gel, molecular sieves, or even activated alumina. It can also be solid or liquid. As the desiccant adsorbs the moisture from the air, it gets saturated. That is why Pneumatech’s adsorption dryers feature two drying vessels. While one is drying air, the other is regenerating its saturated desiccant. The towers are engineered to switch tasks when one is completely regenerated.

Pneumatech PH 760-3390 HE adsorption dryers

PH heatless dryers?PH1330 S

The PH 760-3390 HE, Pneumatech’s welded heatless adsorption air dryer is engineered to provide optimal productivity and protection with low operating costs. The innovative dryer’s features ensure the clean, dry air that extends the life of your pneumatic equipment and final products:

  • High-quality components
  • Robust air dryer design
  • Low PDP:
    - -40°C/-40°F (standard): activated alumina
    - PDP -70°C/-94°F and high inlet temperature (option): molecular sieves
  • Reduced purge rate to 16% enhances performance
  • Innovative open silencer design for lowest possible pressure drop
  • Advanced energy management features:
    - PDP control (Standard with PurelogicTM and optional with DC1 controller)
    - Compressor synchronization
    - Purge nozzle optimization (optional)
  • Large vessel diameter for lowering the risk of crushed desiccant
  • Guaranteed dry air and optimal energy efficiency
  • Lower noise levels
  • Purelogic™ controller for optimal control and monitoring
  • Easy transportability

A flexible solution to meet your needs

The PH 760-3390 HE comes in 3 variants for maximum flexibility:

  1. Standard DC1 controller (PDP control optional)
  2. PurelogicTM (PDP control standard available)
  3. Pneumatic controller (zero-electricity requirement for installation and no PDP control possible)

Quality air you can count on

The PH 760-3390 HE is just one example of Pneumatech’s extensive range of adsorption dryers. As the expert in compressed air treatment and gas generation, we have a complete and flexible dryer offer to meet your specific needs. And if you have questions, about adsorption dryers or quality air in general, our experts are always happy to help. 

Adsorption dryers Product Application

Adsorption Dryers

Adsorption or desiccant dryers remove moisture from air or gas streams by passing them through a porous material called a desiccant, ensuring dry and moisture-free conditions.