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On-site nitrogen for coffee production

Coffee is among the world’s most popular beverages. However, even small problems during its production process can greatly impact its taste. That’s because once the bean is roasted and ground, it starts to age and its freshness starts to decline. That is why nitrogen for coffee production is so important. As an inert gas, nitrogen plays a central role in the coffee packaging process. And when you make Pneumatech your nitrogen generation partner, you can make sure that your coffee always retains its optimal taste.

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What role does nitrogen play in the production of coffee?

Nitrogen expels the oxygen and moisture that can make coffee go stale. To maintain the flavor of the coffee and extend its lifetime, its packaging is inerted with nitrogen. This includes all forms of final coffee products, including roasted beans, ground coffee, coffee pods, and bulk bags. Some roasteries also use nitrogen in the coffee roasting itself and for storage degassing.

What are the nitrogen requirements of roasteries

Because it is indispensable for roasteries, nitrogen for coffee production has to meet specific requirements:

  • Food-grade nitrogen: Roasteries must follow European and global standards for food-grade nitrogen. They have to prevent oxygen contamination and the loss of entire batches of roasted coffee.
  • Reliability: Without nitrogen, coffee production is severely compromised. That is why any nitrogen solution must ensure an absolutely reliable output, quality and purity.
  • Flexibility: Any nitrogen for coffee production must meet the demands of roasteries of all sizes and the different packaging processes and technologies they use.
  • Cost savings: Coffee production requires a lot of nitrogen, which makes keeping nitrogen cost in check an important consideration.
  • Sustainable production: Sustainability has become a key condition that nitrogen solutions must also meet. 

On-site generation of nitrogen for coffee production – the preferred solution

Many coffee roasteries still purchase their industrial gases – even though producing your nitrogen on-site offers more advantages. Here are just four:

  • Greater cost-efficiency saves you money
  • Eliminating bottle or liquid deliveries reduces your environmental footprint
  • Take charge of your own nitrogen supply
  • Less hassle by removing supply logistics 

Take your coffee production to the next level with the PPNG HE

The PPNG HE is Pneumatech’s premium high-flow PSA nitrogen generator, giving roasteries the food-grade nitrogen they need with superior reliability and cost-savings:

  • The right nitrogen: The PPNG HE can generate food-grade nitrogen with a purity between 99.5% and 99.999%.
  • Cost savings: The PPNG HE offers best-in-class efficiency to keep energy costs to a minimum.
  • Sustainability: Producing nitrogen on-site eliminates delivery transportation emissions. The PPNG HE’s energy efficiency also contributes to a greener production.
  • Long lifetime: Thanks to its robust build and a host of protective features, the PPNG HE has a long lifetime. Its CMS will last at least 15 years at full load.
  • Outdoor installation: The PPNG HE doesn’t take up indoor floor space that might not be available. Its robust design allows for outdoor installation in temperatures down to -10°C/14°F. 

Pneumatech knows that the realities of small roasteries are different than those of large operations. We have a nitrogen solution that meets their specific demands. The PMNG is the quiet, compact and convenient membrane generator that offers the nitrogen quality, purity and reliability small roasteries need.

More than a superior nitrogen generator

Pneumatech offers the coffee industry more than “just” the best equipment for generating nitrogen for coffee production. We can also provide food-grade compressed air and process filters. 

Expert advice, service and support

Contact us with the details about your coffee production operation and our experts will put together the best on-site solution for you. If you don’t have that information or need help, they are ready to help you through the specification process.

PSA Nitrogen Generators

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generators allow companies to produce their own nitrogen instead of relying on third-party vendors. This offers wide-ranging benefits, such as lower costs, reduced logistics, and increased flexibility (for more on the many benefits of on-site nitrogen generation, go here). These generators are a very safe nitrogen solution and quickly pay for themselves.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane nitrogen generators utilize semi-permeable membranes to separate nitrogen gas from the surrounding air, providing a continuous and on-site source of high-purity nitrogen gas without the need for traditional nitrogen storage or delivery systems.