An efficient industrial oxygen generator for cost savings

Whether you work in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, biogas production, aquaculture, or ozone production, it's generally cost-effective to invest in an on-site industrial oxygen generator. If using bottled or liquid oxygen, you can save 50-90% per unit of O2 with the Pneumatech PPOG HE Generator.

You'll also eliminate expenses and emissions created by oxygen transport deliveries. Not to mention, with control of your supply, there's no longer a need to deal with logistics and coordinate vendors. These benefits typically outweigh the initial investment cost.

If you already use an air compressor, chances are you can simply add an oxygen generator to your setup. Alternatively, if investing in new equipment, you can receive an oxygen generator, air compressor, dryer, and piping in a compact package.

Read on below to learn more about industrial oxygen generator application(s), and how these machines work. We hope you find the following information useful in understanding their effectiveness and efficiency.

Industrial oxygen generator applications

These machines are capable of producing oxygen with up to 95% purity levels. As stated above, they're ideal for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, biogas production, aquaculture, and ozone production.

With this, it's worth pointing out that bulk medical-grade oxygen levels typically need to be between 90 and 96% purity. Pneumatech's machines fall within this range.

Below you'll find more on how these machines work in such applications.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

An increasingly popular medical treatment for various injuries and illnesses, this therapy involves breathing high-purity oxygen. This is handled in a pressurized chamber with a mask. It elevates the oxygen content in the bloodstream and speeds up healing. 

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Biogas production

As a form of renewable energy, biogas takes waste from households and businesses. Biogas turns that into green fuel for generating gas, electricity, and heat.

Oxygen reacts with hydrogen sulfide found in the byproduct of biogas production. This makes it safe while protecting downstream equipment.

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This involves the farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, crustaceans, and algae. Oxygen is important here, as it helps keep these lifeforms alive and healthy.

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Ozone production

Used in many water treatment processes, ozone is a highly reactive and oxidizing gas. It's found in drinking water applications, aquaculture, and food and pharmaceutical sectors.

It kills viruses and bacteria, removes chemicals, and improves water quality. Oxygen is the feed gas for ozone production. Since these applications impact human life, clean oxygen is essential.

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How oxygen generators work

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PSA oxygen generators use a zeolite sieve material due to its adsorbent qualities. This separates the 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen found in air supplied by an air compressor.

Since this process uses adsorption, two drums are required. One is used for separating nitrogen and oxygen, and the other is for regenerating the adsorbent material.

There's typically also a storage tank for holding oxygen to serve peak production. Additionally, much like fixed speed vs. variable speed drive (VSD) air compressors, there are oxygen generators to meet fluctuating demand.

For example, the Pneumatech PPOG High Efficiency (HE) model can reduce energy consumption by up to 70% by matching oxygen production to demand. This works with an algorithm to ensure optimal performance.

Traditionally, PSA oxygen generators maintain a constant cycle, regardless of how much gas is needed. HE oxygen generators have a higher investment cost but pay for themselves throughout their lifespan.

This model also benefits the environment. In some cases, you can invest in a 30% smaller HE model compared to a standard PSA generator. While producing the amount of oxygen you need, you'll consume less electricity.

Regardless of which model you choose, you'll still save money with on-site production compared to ordering oxygen tanks through a supplier.

We're here to help

We hope this article helps you better understand the different industrial oxygen generator models available, and how these machines can benefit your application(s).

As always, if you have any additional questions don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have. 

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